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Get Rid of Aquarium Flies

Dobson Flies

Dobson flies are very large insects and not flies. They have large wings and mandibles which exagerate their appearance. These insects are common around streams where they lay eggs. The larvae are popular as fishing bait.

Deer Flies

Deer flies are large and bite their host. Females must feed to produce eggs, so they tear skin using their mouth. Bites can cause serious reactions. The usual diet is nectar and honeydew. They don’t often come indoors.

Conniff Flies

Conniff flies are generally considered a nuisance. If flies are present, its because of something they know. Flies transmit disease and deposit eggs in garbage, droppings, or carcasses. Their presence signals inspection.

Black Mold Flies

What came first: the fly or the mold? Damp areas attract several types of flies. Fungus gnats, moth flies, phorid flies, and fruit flies are a few. Finding and removing the breeding ground is essential to elimination.

Black Flies

Black flies have a painful bite. Its used when feeding to tear the skin and consume blood. Some have allergic reactions to the saliva. Black flies live mostly near streams, and their larvae develop in the water.

Biting Flies

“Biting fly” is used to describe several different types of flies: black flies, deer flies, horseflies, sand flies, and stable flies. Flies have one set of wings unlike other insects. They are difficult to control outdoors.

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