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The song of a katydid can be heard summer evenings, and it is from this song that they get their unique name. The males and the females call out to each other, and when the female responds, it sounds like “Katy did, Katy didn't.”

These musical insects are found generally in the eastern United States and in tropical regions. Some katydid populations are dwindling in the tropics due to bats that feed on them. The bats can easily locate the katydids by their shrill songs.

Katydids are closely related to grasshoppers, but the nocturnal insects resemble crickets in their shape. They are usually bright green with leaf-like wings for camouflage purposes.

The katydid isn't really a pest, but they can be a problem for fruit growers and will feed on citrus crops, causing damage. Most gardeners however don't mind trading the minimal plant damage for the song of the katydid on summer nights.


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