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Get Rid of Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow Spider Bite

However, there are other causes of these types of wounds, including certain diseases and the bites of other arthropods or insects. This level of skin irritation can develop from such things as Lyme disease, a staph infection, cancer, or flesh-eating bacteria. Likewise, the bite or sting from a scorpion, bee, or ant can also result in flesh wounds.

Black Widow Spiders Food

Black widow spiders spin webs for the purpose of catching prey. Their diet consists of ants, caterpillars, cockroaches, grasshoppers, and other insects. Black widows are capable of surviving several months without food.

Black Widow Spider Web

Black widow spider webs are made with very strong silk and have irregular patterns. They are made specifically for catching prey and primarily situated near the ground in a sheltered location.

What Does a Black Widow Spider Look Like

The black widow spider has eight legs and eight eyes. The eye configuration is unique to them. Their abdomen has two triangles shaped like an hourglass and legs have three claws. Females are larger than the males.

Black Widow Spider Eggs

Black widow spiders typically lay eggs during the spring and summer months. These eggs hatch after about a month, releasing hundreds of spiderlings. However, many of these spiderlings will eat each other early on.

Life Cycle of Black Widow Spider

The life cycle of a black widow spider begins when it hatches from an egg as a spiderling. Premature black widows are lighter in color and also do no have a dangerous bite. Adults are dark black and have potent venom.

Black Widow Spider Venom

Black widow spider venom contains neurotoxins which attack a victims nervous system. Death is rare in most cases because such a small amount of venom is injected. Immediate medical attention should still be sought out.

Black Widow Spider Danger

Only the adult female black widow spider poses a danger to humans. bites are very treatable, but can cause severe issues if left untreated. Generally, these are timid spiders who look for areas where they won’t be disturbed.

Northern Black Widow Spider

The northern black widow spider is not significantly different than other species apart from a few minor markings and colorations. They are rarely encountered indoors and prefer firewood, stumps, and vegetation.

Female Black Widow Spiders

The female black widow spider is a danger to humans. Shes larger than a male and has an hourglass marking on her abdomen. Her bite can cause severe reactions dependant upon location and amount of venom injected.

What is the Black Widow Spider Named After?

The black widow spider was believed to eat its male partner after or even during mating. This is a rare occurrence however, as most males escape unharmed following the mating process.

Black Widow Spider Facts

Female black widow spiders rarely kill males after mating. They are quite timid unless protecting eggs. Only adult females are a danger to humans. They spin webs to capture food. Males are about half the size of females.

Male Black Widow Spiders

Male black widow spiders are smaller and also lack the red hourglass marking that the females have. Males are attracted to females webs where they vibrate the web, putting the female in a trance to initiate mating.

Characteristics of Black Widow Spiders

The black widow spider follows basic spider biology. Females have an hourglass shape on their abdomens and a dangerous bite for humans. They spin webs to catch prey. These spiders prefer to live in cluttered, secluded areas.

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