Bedbug Spray

Exterminating bedbugs starts with a careful inspection. Bedbugs often leave fecal stains around their hiding places. These can be on the mattress and box spring. They can also be in crevices in the bed frame and headboard. If there are a lot of bedbugs, they might also be hiding behind the baseboards and inside the wall.

Bedbug extermination usually requires dismantling the bed. While the bed is apart, take the opportunity to wash the bedding. Vacuum the mattress and box spring. Pest control professionals use steam to treat mattresses and other sensitive surfaces. Bedbugs can be killed with temperatures above 113°. A hair dryer on high may become hot enough, but may be too awkward to be effective. Pay close attention to the seams, tufts, and other crevices where bedbugs could hide.

Inspect any items that were stored under the bed – bedbugs can hide in bags and boxes of stored items. Throw pillows can be placed in the dryer on the high setting. If they do not fit in the dryer, perhaps bulky pillows and comforters can be heat-treated another way. It may be possible to place them into black plastic bags and set them outside in the sun for a few hours.

Aerosol insecticide is probably the most effective bedbug spray. The treatment should go into the cracks and crevices where the bedbugs hide. There should be no residue on the surface for children or pets to get into. Many people call pest control professionals to make these insecticide applications. They have the equipment necessary to apply the insecticide into the cracks and crevices.

If the bedbugs have been hiding behind the baseboards, it will probably be necessary to apply insecticide dust inside the walls. This normally requires drilling tiny holes just above the baseboards. People who do this themselves might find that by drilling at a slight upward angle, they can make the holes less visible. Care will be needed to inject dust insecticide inside the wall without getting it on the outside of the wall. Many people call pest control professionals because they have the equipment to do this treatment.