Bedbug Infestation

Bedbug infestations are sometimes hard to recognize. People may be bitten for some time and think that they have spiders, or mosquitoes, or fleas. Since bedbugs hide during the day, they can live in an area for a long time without being seen.

Bedbugs do leave some signs of their presence. Recognizing these signs is not always easy. However, recognizing the signs of an infestation can help people solve a bedbug problem.

Sometimes people find small blood spots on their sheets and bedding. These may happen while the bedbugs are feeding. They can also happen if the victim rolls over and crushes a bedbug that has just finished feeding.

Sometimes people notice a strange, “sweetish” odor. This may be a sign of bedbugs. They produce this odor in glands on their bodies. If there are a lot of bedbugs, the odor can become unpleasant.

It is common for people to find dark spots on the mattress, the box springs, the bed frame, or even on the baseboards. Bedbugs leave these fecal stains, especially near their hiding places.

As bedbugs develop into adult bugs, they shed their skins about five times. As the bedbug population grows, it is likely that people will begin to see the cast-off skins.

A thorough inspection is the only way to confirm whether bedbugs are present. People who suspect that they have a bedbug problem often prefer to call a pest control professional. They can inspect and confirm whether bedbugs have been brought into the home.

In addition to flashlights and inspection mirrors, they will have products that will make the bedbugs run out of their hiding places. This will reveal the hiding places that need to be treated. The pest control professional will also have the products and equipment needed to provide effective treatment and control of bedbugs.