How To Detect Bedbugs

Bedbugs are often challenging. They can sometimes even be frustrating. Since they are usually active at night, there have been cases of people having bedbugs without seeing one. There have even been cases of people thinking the problem was being caused by something else.

Bedbug bites do not usually hurt. People do not normally feel the bedbugs while they are feeding. Bedbugs sometimes cause a reaction at the bite site because of the saliva that they inject into the victim's skin.

The reaction to repeated bedbug bites seem to be different for different people. People who are very sensitive can have an allergic reaction. Other people experience swelling around the bite site. People do not usually get red, raised spots like they do from flea or mosquito bites.

Because the reaction to bedbug bites can vary so much, people sometimes mistake them for something else. Because fleas, spiders, and allergies can all cause skin irritations, they are easily mistaken for bedbug bites. Bedbugs leave other clues, however, and some of them are fairly easy to recognize.

Bedbugs often leave small blood spots on sheets and bedding. This happens while they are feeding because too much blood runs out of the host/victim.

Bedbugs often leave dark fecal stains. They sometimes leave the stains on sheets and bedding. They also leave these stains around the cracks and crevices where they hide during the day.

Bedbugs have a strong, sweetish odor. Glands on their bodies produce this odor. The odor becomes very strong when there are a lot of bedbugs in the area. Many people do not notice this odor, but sensitive people often find it offensive.

Finding one or two of these signs may not be absolute proof of a bedbug problem. However, finding several signs can be a signal that further investigation is needed.

A thorough inspection is the best way to find out if bedbugs are present. Many people call a pest control professional to perform this inspection. These people have flashlights and mirrors for inspecting. They also have materials they can inject into cracks and crevices. These products will drive bedbugs out into the open and reveal their hiding places.