Cockroach Control

Cockroach baits come in four forms: gel, solids, stations, and powders. Each has an active ingredient and attractant. These are easy to use and pose little threat to children and pets. Once fed, cockroaches become toxic.

Known repellants of cockroaches include silica gel and diatomaceous. The plant extract pyrethrum is, also, effective. Most people choose Integrated Pest Management. It combines prevention methods with traps and insecticides.

Cockroach traps are ineffective because of low capture rates versus a high reproductive rates. Elimination, or Integrated Pest Management, programs are the most effective. These combine prevention, sanitation, and baits.

Battling a cockroach infestation can be frustrating. A multi-layered approach is most effective. Sanitation, prevention, baits, and traps used in coordination will eliminate an infestation. This takes time and commitment.

Most species of cockroaches lay eggs in a protective casing and hide it. Females do not return because the young don’t need adults. The German roach carries her eggs until they hatch. She drops them when feeling threatened.