Cockroach Feces

Sometimes people see cockroach feces but do not recognize them. After the cockroach population gets large, the cockroach feces often become a sanitation problem.

The size and shape of cockroach feces varies according to the species of cockroach that is present. Some cockroach feces look like “fly specks”. Other cockroach feces are as large as mouse droppings.

Dark stains in corners and on walls confuse many people. They assume that these stains are cockroach feces. These dark stains are actually material that the cockroaches spit up. Scientists call this material sputum.

When cockroaches first enter a home, the cockroach feces may not be noticeable. As the cockroach population grows, the feces will start t become obvious. Homeowners will find feces near the cockroach food source, near their hiding places, and near their water source.

Many cockroaches also deposit their feces in the areas where they hide. Scientists have found that newly hatched German roach nymphs feed on the adult cockroach feces. They get nutrition from this material until they have grown large enough to forage for their own food.

This behavior helps make cockroach bait an effective control tool. Newly hatched cockroach nymphs can receive a dose of roach bait from eating the feces of adult roaches that were feeding on the roach bait.

Scientists have found a variety of disease organisms in cockroach feces. The cockroaches pick up the disease organism by walking through a contaminated area. When the cockroach grooms itself, it ingests the disease organism.

In a study, scientists found Salmonella surviving in the cockroach digestive tract for several weeks. Mice that were placed in a jar with a tiny amount of cockroach feces became ill with Salmonella.

Besides being unsightly and unsanitary, cockroach feces can complicate an odor problem. The cockroaches produce pheromones from glands on their bodies. These pheromones add to the odor of cockroach feces that happen when there is an infestation. In some cases, the odor is the most difficult part of an infestation to eliminate.

Cockroach feces that are visible can be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped up. If cockroaches have been hiding in cracks and crevices, a vacuum cleaner will remove the roaches and some of the feces. The disinfectant can be sprayed into the crevices to help get rid of the odor. If there were a lot of roaches, it may be necessary to caulk the cracks and crevices to seal up any lingering odor after the roaches are gone.