Pill Bugs

Brown Wood Louse

Being crustaceans, pill bugs are most similar to shrimp and crayfish than to bugs. A close look at their bodies reveals an armor-like shell that can be easily rolled into a ball for protection. Because of this trait, they are sometimes referred to as “roly–polies.”

Pill Bugs feed on damp vegetation and mulch, and they live in damp areas such as basements. They can infest damp areas and houseplants, and if many are seen indoors, there is usually a larger infestation just outside.

Inactive during the day, pill bugs hide under objects. They lack the ability to retain water, so they must stay in damp areas. If pill bugs are a nuisance, eliminate places where moisture collects. Get rid of grass clipping piles and raise all potted plants off the ground to keep areas dry.