Slugs / Snails


Slugs and snails are very similar, with the one large exception being that snails have shells. Both slugs and snails move very slowly through gardens, avoiding dry, sharp pathways. They both need to remain in cool environments to stay moist.

Slugs feed on plants, in particular new growth, which can wreak havoc on vegetable and flower gardens. Slugs like moist areas. To help control them, keep stacked wood and potted plants off of the ground. Keep mulch away from structures, and use gravel barriers within a foot of the base of the building. Lastly, water your lawn in the early morning to reduce moisture build-up in the night.

Snails are similar in their feeding habits, but they need to ingest calcium to keep their shells hard. They derive this from the soil or sometimes from painted surfaces. Snails can also seal themselves in their shells under adverse conditions and remain there up to four years. Manage snails like you would slugs, keeping areas dry near your home and laying down a gravel barrier.