The Springtail got its name from the spring-like structure in their tails that allow them to jump. These tiny insects are usually about 3/16ths of an inch big, but they can jump up to 3 to 4 inches.

Springtails usually don't cause any damage. They infest in very large numbers, which can be a problem for homeowners. They live underground, and a cubic foot of soil can hold over 50,000 Springtails.

These moisture-loving insects make their homes in moist soil. When found in homes, they usually are in damp areas, such as around pipes or moldy bedding and furniture. Springtails cannot retain moisture, so they will seek it out in the environment.

Springtails are also attracted to lights. If you have a lit swimming pool at night, springtails can sometimes form a layer of “scum” on the top of the pool in their search for water and light.

Keeping your home dry and your furniture moisture free will eliminate springtails. Also, remove any mulch from around the base of your home as well to help keep springtails from entering your basement or crawlspace.