Strawberry Root Weevils

The strawberry root weevil is a member of the root weevil group of bugs whose larvae destroy plants at the root. Root weevils are small, black beetles that possess snouts. They feed on the roots of ornamental plants used in landscaping near homes. Adult weevils will feed on the foliage of the plants. As they feed, the strawberry root weevils leave distinct notching marks on the leaves. Removing the weevils from the plants by hand is easily done at night, using dim light, so as not to startle them. When startled, the strawberry root weevil will drop to the ground and this makes them difficult to find.

Raspberries and strawberries are two plants that strawberry root weevils can destroy. The adult weevils eat the foliage, while the larvae remain in the ground near the roots. Strawberry root weevils overwinter in the soil in a pre-pupa stage. They do the most root damage in the early spring and after about a week, they emerge. Adults will feed at night, hiding during the day near the plants. In late summer, they begin to lay eggs, which hatch in August. The larvae feed through the fall and then spend the winter underground.

Adult strawberry root weevils can also become a nuisance in your home in late summer and early fall. Strawberry root weevils entering your home are most likely seeking shelter from the hot, dry conditions. Weevils do not fly, but they can enter in large numbers and are usually found near moist places, such as sinks and bathtubs. Make sure cracks and gaps are sealed in the foundation and around windows and doors. Though the strawberry root weevil causes no damage to your home or your pets, their numbers can be overwhelming.