Homemade Rodent Control


Keeping rodents away from your home is a daunting task. Rats and mice are adaptable and intelligent, and can find ways into homes that seem unthinkable.

Controlling a rodent problem once they have entered your home is even more challenging. There are a number of methods on the market available to homeowners, including baits and traps, and these methods work well. Some homemade methods can also work, but may have limited effectiveness.

Box traps are one method that can help trap rodents. Using a box propped up with bait inside that is triggered to release can work on small rodents. Larger rodents, though, can easily escape these traps. Using box traps outdoors is also a way to control outdoor rodents, such as gophers and chipmunks. Homemade baits in traps are usually effective. Peanut butter, cheese and fruit can be placed in snap traps and will draw rodents to the food source.

Rodents can be kept out of your home using homemade methods, as well. Block off any holes or openings to your home using steel wool and plaster. Cover any access points larger than a quarter of an inch in diameter. By denying access to rodents, the chances of an infestation are less likely.

Managing a few rodents in your home is possible. Remove any traps or evidence of rodents, such as droppings, and wear a protective facemask and gloves. Rodents transmit fatal diseases in their droppings and in the parasites that normally infest them, such as ticks and fleas.

Keep in mind that rodent control is dangerous and if you have a number of rodents, you should consider using a pest control expert. These professionals have access to effective and safe methods that can eradicate rodents and keep your home free of rats and mice.