Rodent Smoke Bomb

Managing rodent infestations can be a difficult task. There are a number of traps and baits on the market that can work effectively. An additional effective method is a rodent smoke bomb.

Rodent smoke bombs work like other types of pest bombs. They are set in a sealed, closed environment and will effectively penetrate walls, ceilings and attics where rodents are nesting. These bombs will leave a film on everything indoors, and proper ventilation needs to be ensured to keep humans and pets from breathing in the poisons.

Using the bombs outside can also work if you have rodents in areas near your home. Placing the bomb near the entrances of burrows can help eradicate gophers, chipmunks and other rodents that will destroy your lawn and garden areas. Some rodents, though, can sense the smoke and will wall up areas of their burrow to avoid the poisonous gas.

As with other methods of rodent extermination, careful use and handling is critical to the success of rodent smoke bombs. Make sure the bombs are placed in areas where rodents are most frequently heard or signs of them are consistent. Use more than one bomb if your home is large, and be sure to thoroughly read all the instructions on the device before setting it off.

Rodent traps, baits and bombs are effective, but rodent populations are always growing and rodents can return to nesting areas where they have been driven. These methods don't kill all the rodents every time, so the chance of the problem reoccurring is high. If you have a rodent infestation, consider enlisting the help of a pest control expert. Handling rodents is not recommended, due to the diseases they can transmit. In terms of safety and effectiveness, professional pest control is often the best method of elimination.