Brown Recluse Spider Range

Generally speaking, the brown recluse spider is found in the central and southern parts of the United States. It does not tend to be found along the eastern seaboard of the United States, the upper Midwest or western states, including the Pacific Northwest.

On a map, if you were to outline the area where the brown recluse is found, you would draw a line starting in mid-Iowa, eastward to southern Ohio and down to central Georgia. You would continue to the extreme western part of the Florida panhandle, encompassing Alabama (with the exception of the far southeastern corner of the state). From there, the line continues westward through all of Mississippi and Louisiana and includes the majority of Texas. This area continues northward into Oklahoma, eastern Kansas, and southeastern Nebraska, then back to Iowa.

There are a few other varieties of recluse spiders, which are mostly found in the Southwest. One variety (Loxosceles laeta) inhabits southern California and Massachusetts, while the Loxosceles rufescens is found sporadically throughout the country.