Does a Crab Spider Produce Eggs

When a female crab spider is ready to lay her eggs, she will create two silky egg sacs that are connected in the middle. The egg sacs are not attached to a web, but rather, the female will lay them on flowers or plants and then stand by to guard them. The young spiders, call spiderlings, will hatch after a few months and generally live for less than a year.

The immature crab spiders resemble the adults except, of course, that they are smaller. Before reaching maturity, the young spiders will molt several times. The life span of a crab spider is only about one year.

There is a variety of crab spiders found in North America, and they are seen in an array of colors. This allows them to hide in grass, flowers, bark, fruits or other areas when they can secretly await their prey. In fact, some crab spiders are even able to change color to camouflage themselves. Though dangerous to its prey, the bite of a crab spider is not harmful to humans.