Flower Crab Spider

Crab Spider Recollecting Pollen

Another type of crab spider is the flower crab spider. These are found in a variety of colors and are able to hide on various flowers while they wait for prey. Due to their unique coloration and markings, these spiders sometimes look nearly identical to the flower they sit upon and some can even change color. Therefore, these spiders can go completely unnoticed by an approaching insect.

Examples of common flower crab spiders include the goldenrod crab spider, which can change from white to yellow and is often located among goldenrod in the fall. Likewise, white crab spiders greatly resemble the buds of a flower.

Flower crab spiders have longer front legs and shorter back legs. Like the other crab spiders, they wait to attack prey as it passes by, rather than spinning a web to catch it. Once caught, an insect, such as a bee or butterfly, is injected with venom to paralyze it and digestive enzymes to liquefy it.