Hobo Spider Enemies, Predators

Praying Mantis

For many insects and spiders, the hobo spider is feared predator, but it also has some natural enemies that will prey upon it. In fact, some of these predators include other types of spiders, such as wolf spiders, jumping spiders, and European house spiders. Not only do these spiders prey upon the hobo spider, but they also serve as competition for food.

The praying mantis is also a fairly significant enemy of the hobo spider. However, praying mantises are active in the daytime, while hobo spiders are nocturnal, so this can sometimes be a factor in the mantises' success rate.

The hobo spider also is preyed upon by black and yellow mud dauber wasps. Once they catch hobo spiders, they take them back to the nest to feed to their young.

Other competitors include birds, some types of crab spiders and wasps, and even cats. There are also some other types of web-building spiders that will feast upon hobo spiders if they get caught in their webs.