Hobo Spider Trap

To eliminate hobo spider infestations, people often use non-toxic sticky traps that are baited with a pheromone type of scent to attract the spiders, along with a very strong glue. Once the spiders wander into these types of traps, they get stuck and cannot move. After a couple of days, the spiders will simply die. People often prefer this method of elimination because it does not involve chemicals.

Hobo spiders tend to be seen more often from mid-June to late fall due to mating season. During this time, they seem to be more aggressive. However, if traps are used year-round, young hobo spiders can also be eliminated, thereby removing their opportunity to mature and lay eggs to further the spider population.

To help control hobo spiders, it is wise for homeowners to seal any cracks or holes that may give the spiders a chance to enter their home. It is also advisable to tidy up outdoor debris, woodpiles, and vegetation near the home's foundation. Once this is done, a homeowner may also choose to have a pest control professional provide treatment for additional control.