Termite Stakes

Methods of controlling termites are extremely varied. Depending on the type of structure, the level of infestation and, most importantly, the type of termite, there are many choices.

One way to temporarily control termites is by using termite stakes. These stakes are drilled into the ground surrounding the home and filled with poisonous bait. The stakes are placed every ten feet for adequate coverage and protection. The termites ingest the bait and then take it back to the colony as a food source for the other termites. This usually will kill a large number of termites. Stakes need to be replaced before the termites consume all the bait, so that they continue to return to them as food sources. If the bait runs out, the termites will seek other food sources, and the stakes will not attract them.

Monitoring stakes needs to be done diligently. Stakes must also be installed properly or termites will find other food sources and ignore the stakes. In addition to the stakes, other barrier methods may be called for to add an extra layer of protection to your home and foundation.

To help prevent termites, make sure there is no wood that is in contact with the ground. Keep your firewood and any scrap wood away from your foundation will also help with termite control. Lastly, check for evidence of termites around your foundation or in any exposed wood.

Managing an infestation can be difficult. Termite control is usually best handled by a professional. Termite professionals know where to look for problems and how to look for them. They have current methods of inspection and the training and expertise required to solve termite problems. Find a pest control company that is reliable and will work with you to solve your problems.