Laminate Floor Damage

Termites are one of the most destructive household pests. Their chewing habits are well known in terms of the damage they can do to wood from the outside. They eat other building materials as well, like cellulose, paper, and insulation.

Termites can also cause extensive damage inside your home, as well. The interior destruction usually will resemble light water damage, especially to ceilings and floors. Termites will also destroy laminate flooring as well. Laminate flooring is usually made to resemble wood flooring, with a durable finish over a wood composite. Termites build tunnels under the flooring, which causes the laminate to sag and buckle in those areas that are infested.

Oftentimes, this kind of damage requires replacement of the flooring, which can be costly. To avoid this kind of expense, you should seek the services of a pest control expert to inspect your home for termite damage.

Pest control professionals have sophisticated methods to check for termites and termite damage. Some methods include infrared devices and microwave detection. These allow them to inspect an area like a floor or ceiling without harming the site, and can reveal termite activity within walls or foundations, as well.

Interior termite damage is often a sign of a larger infestation. When problems are visible from the inside of a home, the termites have often gotten into the walls, floors and ceilings. These could also be signs of extensive structural damage.

If you end up having to replace your laminate flooring due to termites, check with your pest control professionals about treating your subflooring prior to the laminate installation. This can help avoid future infestations. Using a reliable pest control company to help manage termites is a great investment in your home, which is often your largest asset.