Pre Construction Termite Control

Protecting your new home against termite infestations can be done in the building phase. There are a variety of methods available to homeowners and contractors that can help keep your home protected against termites for years to come. While there are no guarantees with any termite control method, taking steps to help prevent damage makes good sense for your investment.

One method to control termites is treating the soil both inside and outside the foundation as it is being laid. Using a chemical barrier will keep termites away from your foundation, where they normally enter your home.

Another method is to use pre-treated building materials during construction. Materials such as lumber or siding can be installed with a termite-resistant chemical already in the wood. Be aware, though, that termites eat all kinds of building materials, including cellulose and insulation, so they can bypass the treated wood and eat the drywall or sheetrock materials.

Another option is to treat the wood when it is installed before the wallboard or sheetrock is put in. Pest control professionals can spray the wood with termite resistant chemicals that can help deter the pests.

Pre-construction termite control is a great option to help you make your home safe from termites. It is not, however, a substitute for yearly inspections and termite maintenance programs. Talk to a pest control professional when taking additional steps to protect your new home from termites. Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover termite damage, so you need to be diligent in your prevention methods to help protect your new home.

Spending the extra money on pre-construction termite control may seem costly. In the long run, the protection it affords you can end up being less expensive than the cost of damage from an infestation.