Termite Carpet Infestation

Termites are typically known for their wood chewing habits. They can, however, eat many other types of materials. Most of those materials are found in your home or in the construction of your home.

Termites will eat cellulose, paper, burlap and different types of fibers. They also eat insulation and have been known to ingest swimming pool filters, as well. Termites can infest your ceilings walls and floors, even your carpets. Carpets are susceptible to termites due to its fibers and cellulose content.

Unfortunately, if you notice signs of an infestation inside your home, you could already have an extensive problem. Termites eat away at your home typically in an area hidden from view, such as walls, floors and foundations. If you spot a termite or signs of infestation, it could mean that they are already through the wood and foundation of your home.

Signs of termite carpet infestation can include piles of wings near entrances to your home. These wings are molted from the termites, as they become adults. Another sign of infestation is a sagging area in your floor, which could be damage in the sub-flooring or just below the carpet. Lastly, termites themselves can appear in your carpet. The workers are wingless, small, creamy white or white insects. The queens and reproductive males have wings and are black or brown in color.

Termites are active year-round and can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars to your home if left unchecked. If you notice any evidence of termites, be sure to get a termite inspection. Most pest control companies offer complementary inspections. Having a termite plan in place with a reputable company can help keep your home safe and termite-free, which can save you a lot of money.