Termite Foundation Damage

The foundation of your home is where termite damage can begin. Often, termites use the foundation as a method of entry into your home. The evidence is fairly easy to spot, but if the termites are attacking wood that is underground, it can be more difficult to determine the damage.

Subterranean termites are the most prevalent in the U.S. and, usually, cause the most damage. These termites build their colonies underground and attack structures from below. Detecting a subterranean termite colony can be done by looking for shelter tubes along the base of your foundation. These tubes allow termites to crawl protected along your foundation to where the wood on your home begins.

Termites will also attack any wood that is exposed to the ground or is underground. Look for evidence of this a few inches below the soil, if you have wooden structures that are touching the soil. Also, subterranean termites will find entrances into your foundation and your home through any pipes or wires that are coming into the home. Termites are attracted to damp areas, so plumbing or water pipes heading in or out of your home's foundation can be attractive for the condensation they produce.

Reduce your exposure to termite foundation damage by eliminating any wood-to-ground contact. In addition, check your foundation for the shelter tubes described above. If you see any evidence of termite activity, contact a pest control expert for an estimate. Most companies offer a free inspection.

Termites can do extensive damage to your home, costing homeowners in the U.S. alone over a billion dollars a year. Professional pest control services are the most effective way to control termite populations, so find a reputable service you can trust.