Distribution of Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are the most prolific termite type. They are found throughout the world and, subsequently, cause the majority of damage to homes. They are also capable of destroying telephone poles, fence posts, and living plants.

Subterranean termites in North America can be broken down into several species. The names of these species often correspond with the region in which they can be found.

The eastern subterranean termite is often considered the most common and widely found termite in North America. Eastern subterranean termites can be found from Ontario, Canada to Florida, and from the east coast to Utah and Arizona.

The light southeastern subterranean termite is less prevalent and located from Florida to Washington, D.C. on the east coast, and west to Texas.

Another termite from that region is the southeastern subterranean termite. This species is usually found in the same states.

In the west, the Pacific Coast subterranean and the arid land subterranean termites are the dominant termite species. The Pacific Coast termite is the most common and creates the most damage. This species is found from British Columbia south to Mexico, and east to Nevada. The arid land subterranean termites live in the drier parts of the same region as the Pacific Coast termite.

The Formosan termite is also a subterranean species. This termite can be found throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coast regions of the U.S., as well as Hawaii. The Formosan termite is very destructive and prolific, hence its nickname “super termite”. Formosan termites can create mega-colonies with up to one million termites.

All termite species should be identified properly in order to treat them. Consult a pest control expert to be sure any termites you have are recognized and managed correctly.